Losing Weight in 4 Weeks

Like a lot of people I have started this year with a resolve to do a few things differently. One of them has to do with my health. I had a checkup in December and my doctor said I had gained enough weight to be in the obese category. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with that at all.  It was a real wake-up call for me.

I knew that I had been steadily gaining weight over the years, but I didn’t think I was getting that bit.  Well,  a few pounds every year and some serious holiday eating did indeed put me over the edge.  There’s no need for denial:  no need for me to claim I’m holding water or “big boned.”  I’m fat, and I need to do something about it.

Being the extreme sort of guy that I am I decided that I wanted to attack this whole weight loss thing with a month of intense efforts and results.  Some people claim that dropping weight slowly is the best way, but I’ve yet to find any scientific merit to that idea.  The bottom line is that any effective way to lose weight is going to improve your health–that’s what I believe, anyway.

I have mentioned trying to lose weight in a month (4 week’s).  I have decided that Brian Flatt’s approach is the best for me: https://musclereview.net/4-week-diet-review-brian-flatt/.

I was thinking about just doing his 2-week plan (see the video below).  But it makes more sense to me to diet a little longer and just double my results.  Some people are critical of all of Flatt’s work, but it seems to be pretty solid to me.

I don’t plan on trying to stay on this diet for the long term.  I will switch to a more moderate plan next month after I have dropped a few pounds and a have built up some momentum.